What is it?

HokuFlights is a search engine for flights deals around the world.Currently we are searching more than 40+ Flight Hacker websites around the world for the best flights deals for you. The aim of HokuFlights is to make your like easier to find the best travel deal for your next trip. We are still in Beta Stage and we are still adding new functionality and fine-tuning the system to make it as beneficial and userfriendly as possible.

How does it work?

You enter your search destination in the searchbox to find all the flights deals that match your criteria.

HokuFlights works like a filter, the flight deal must contain all the words you entered. For more precise search you can use restriction on price range and date.

What you can do/not do on HokuFlights?

- can look everywhere at once

- can filter by price range

- can filter by date

- all deals are always translated to english

- all deals are converted to EURO

- unable to book a deal

- can not create a new deal

Why are we doing this?

We Love to travel and it was always hard to monitor all this great website on a day to day basis to get the best deal. We believe there are many people who will find the website useful and help them find the deal they are looking for.

Also a big Thank you goes to the people behind the Flight hacker websites becasue without their input this project wouldn't exists.

Made with favorite in Vienna.